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for iOS
  • Take 3D photos with the built-in camera of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • View 3D photos on your iOS device in several modes:
    • Wiggle Mode: Flips between right-eye and left-eye view. Requires no glasses.
    • BETTER - Red/Blue Glasses Mode: Requires red/blue 3D glasses.
    • BEST - Hasbro my3D Mode: Requires a Hasbro my3D viewer.
  • Import 3D photos taken by other ShowMe3D users or any 3D camera that uses the MPO file format. Importing is done by email, by web or over a USB cable through iTunes.
  • Export the 3D photos you take with ShowMe3D by emailing them from within ShowMe3D or via USB cable through iTunes. Exported files are in the MPO file format.

Buy Red/Blue (Anaglyph) 3D Glasses:

for Mac
  • View 3D photos taken with any 3D camera that uses the MPO file format. Supported modes include wiggle, red/blue glasses, and cross-eyed viewing.
  • 3D photos can be converted into red/blue and side-by-side images for JPEG export and for printing.